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Here are some events we provide service to on a regular basis!

Is your son or daughter in their final year of high school, ready to attend the prom? Perhaps it's late fall, and it's time to celebrate the home coming of the schools sports team? No matter the reason, formal dances are fantastic events in a young persons life and everyone who is close to them. It's always a poignant feeling, watching your son or daughter grow up into an adult, but you're sure to enjoy the memories as the years pass. One way to ensure your son or daughter is as safe as possible during their prom or homecoming in Detroit is to rent a limo bus for their transportation.

We know that it seems as though there's always something new to pay for when it comes to your child's high school career, and most of that money, you'll never see again! However, we can ensure you that renting a limo bus from Detroit Limo Service will bring you security, comfort, and reassurance that your child is completely safe during this somewhat chaotic time. You're sure to rest easy knowing that your child is under the supervision of a professional chauffeur who knows the area well and has many years of safety training.

One thing is for certain, if you decide to rent a limousine or a limo bus for your childs Detroit prom or homecoming, you're sure to reap the benefits, and they're sure to think that you're the best parent in the metro Detroit area. There's nothing wrong with boosting your reputation a little bit, right? Give us a call when you're ready to reserve your limousine or limo bus. We look forward to providing your son or daughter with a fantastic transportation experience. Be sure to call as soon as possible, as our buses go fast as ever!

Your child deserves a special prom experience!